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Look around you. How many objects can you count that are made from glass? Chances are, if you walked into another room or stepped outside, you would see even more glass items! From jewelry to glass walls, humans have come up with a wide range of uses for this material. One of its advantages is that it can easily be modified for different uses. Clear glass is perfect for windows, whereas blue glass makes amazing bottles. You can even find frosty glass that creates a sense of privacy when used to make a bathroom window or shower door. Keep reading here, and your appreciation for glass will grow.

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The Installation of Special Window Glass for Privacy in Certain Rooms

Textured and block glass are options for increasing privacy with a home's windows while still allowing natural light in. This is a welcome alternative for household residents who appreciate sunlight but don't want anyone to see through the windows and into certain rooms. They don't have to keep window blinds drawn or drapes pulled closed. Many products are available for residential glass installation.

1. Uses

Many reasons account for the purchase of privacy glass for residential windows. Some individuals work in a home office that faces a municipal sidewalk, for example. They don't want anyone to look in the window while walking or jogging by. Another use is in bathrooms, allowing for natural light as well as discretion. In addition, some homeowners set up a workshop in part of a garage or a craft room in a garden shed. They also may not want anybody looking inside while they pursue their hobby.

Often, homeowners choose to have privacy glass installed in the form of a sash window. The special material is placed on the bottom while leaving the top sash clear. It may be possible to replace the bottom glass in an existing sash window to accomplish this.

2. Texture

This may be the most prevalent kind of bathroom window with which people are familiar. Patterns or simple textures are imprinted on the surface while the glass is still in a semi-molten state. Some of the more popular patterns for windows look like pebbles, waves, swirls, and reeds. Rain is a classic design, with the image of water streaming down the window. These products enhance the room's interior decor. Nevertheless, many homeowners choose a texture that does not have any distinct pattern. 

3. Blocks

The installation of block glass is another strategy for allowing sunlight into a room while obscuring views from the outside. The blocks can be clear, with the thickness preventing anyone from seeing in. Blocks also commonly have figured patterns with curves or conveying the illusion of texture, even though the surface is smooth. Geometric designs are popular, with diamonds, triangles, or other shapes adding an intriguing aesthetic quality.

Homeowners can view a variety of possibilities online and decide which ones they like best. Contacting a contractor providing this type of glass service, or visiting the website, is the next step toward having clear glass replaced in a window frame. The entire window could be replaced as well if that is necessary or preferable.