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The Safety Features Of Modern Windshields: How They Support Self-Driving Cars

Windshields have come a long way since the first car windshields were invented over a century ago. Today's windshields protect drivers and passengers from the elements and play a crucial role in the safety and functionality of modern vehicles, particularly in self-driving cars. When their windshield is damaged, an immediate auto glass repair or replacement is necessary to keep safety systems functioning correctly.

Here's a closer look at the safety features of modern windshields and how they support self-driving cars:

Cameras and Sensors 

Self-driving cars rely heavily on cameras and sensors to navigate the road and make driving decisions. These cameras and sensors are typically mounted on or behind the windshield, which serves as their support structure. The windshield also helps to protect the cameras and sensors from damage, helping maintain their accuracy.

The windshield also plays a vital role in calibrating self-driving car cameras and sensors. The cameras and sensors must be properly calibrated for these cars to function correctly. The calibration process is performed by a unique tool that scans the windshield. Any distortion or damage to the windshield negatively affects its calibration and accuracy.

Structural Integrity

The windshield also plays an essential role in a self-driving car's structural integrity. The windshield is an essential structural component of the car, as it helps to distribute the forces of an impact across the car's frame. This makes the car resistant to deformation and less likely to collapse in a serious accident.

To make windshields strong enough to enhance structural integrity, they are made from two layers of glass sandwiched around a layer of plastic. This laminated structure provides added strength and rigidity to the windshield, which helps to protect the occupants of the car in the event of an accident. Additionally, the laminated structure will absorb an impact's energy, which helps prevent the windshield from shattering.

As a bonus, many manufacturers also use special coatings to help protect the windshield from scratches, cracks, and other forms of damage.

In conclusion, modern windshields play a crucial role in the safety and functionality of self-driving cars. They support cameras and sensors, help maintain the accuracy of these cameras and sensors, and add strength and rigidity to the car's structure. As the use of self-driving cars continues to increase, it's essential to be aware of the safety features of modern windshields and how they support them.

If your self-driving car's windshield is damaged, have it repaired or replaced by an automotive glass or auto body shop as soon as possible.

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